Dear NES Members, dear Colleagues, dear Friends,


We are pleased to inform you that the 46th Congress of the Neurootological and Equilibriometric Society in Tokyo (Japan) was successfully performed.

Summary of the 46th Congress:
We could hear 29 oral presentations in 4 sessions, and there were 8 posters. The topics were the vestibular system, the tinnitus, and the hearing problems. We could hear different opinions about the different types of steroid treatment in the course of a symposium. Beside these presentations we had 5 educational lectures, 2 special lectures, and 2 keynote lectures of different international experts. The topics were the inner ear physiology, new diagnostic methods, eye movement disorders, and functional dizziness.
After the scientific programs we had an unforgettable excursion. We could see the sights of Tokyo, and we could eat authentic Japanese food in traditional Japanese style. Many thanks of Professor Hideaki Sakata for the excellent organization.

Members’ Assembly decisions:
The members’ assembly was held on 30th of May 2019.
It is started with mourning for the memory of Dr Elemér Nagy, who was died at the end of April.
The report of the president was accepted. The resume of the members’ Assembly was that we have to increase the impact of the NES, and to call new members to the society.
The problems of the membership fee payment are mentioned. The payment of the membership fee is necessary to maintain our society. The membership fee of the Neurootological and Equilibriometric Society is remaining 50 Euros. The deadline of the payment is 31st March in every year, but only few members were paid.
The BUDAPEST AWARD winner in 2019 is Dr Stephanie Maihoub from Budapest, Hungary.

Upcoming, 47th congress of the NES:
Canceled due to pandemic.



  Dr Ágnes Szirmai
Associate Professor of Semmelweis University President of the Neurootological and Equilibriometric Society
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