Dear colleague!


  We are pleased to invite you to participate in the



45 th Congress






23-25 May 2018

26 May – post-Congress tour


 Preliminary program:

1.  Definition of vertigo and dizziness according to ICD-10

2.  Investigation methods

3.  Vestibular migraine

4.  Types of tinnitus

5.  Space orientation disturbances

6.  Treatment of vestibular dysfunction

7.  Vestibular rehabilitation

8.  Free papers


Satellite: Dizziness Academy with demonstration of Vestibular evoked potentials (not VEMP), cranio-corpography with nystagmography, cardiography with neurological loadings. During the Academy you will see the instrumental documentation of dizziness, vertigo, migraine, cardioneurosis, differential diagnosis of types 2 and 3 tinnitus.



Kyiv, Ukraine

Golf Center (Heroiv Stalinhradu Avenue, 10)


Reservation and payment of hotel independently.


Possible accommodation options:
1) Cosmopolite Hotel - www.cosmopolite-kiev.com/rooms
reservation@cosmopolite-kiev.com (booking code - NES Congress)

2) Hotel "Chervona Kalina" - www.chervonakalina.com.ua/en/hotel/ or www.booking.com/hotel/ua/chervona-kalina.en


3) www.boooking.com (hotels available)


Members’ Assembly during the 45th Congress of the Neurootological and Equilibriometric Society will be held at the congress venue on 23rd May 23, at 12:30.



  1. Report of the President

  2. Election of the new office-holders

  3. Election of the scientific coordinator

  4. Decision about the next congresses

  5. Discussion and decision about awards of the NES

  6. Discussion about International Tinnitus Journal and publication possibilities

  7. Others




Also, we invite you to publish articles and abstracts - for free.
We look forward to your support, thank you for the cooperation in advance.


If there is a question regarding your registration, write to us at sim.likar@gmail.com